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14 printers found:

Acme Test Printer 100NONONONO
Acme Test Printer 101NONONOYES
Acme Test Printer 200NONONONO
Acme Test Printer 201NONONOYES
Example TruePrint 114YESNONONO
Example TruePrint 214YESYESNONO
Example TruePrint 314NOYESNOYES
Example TruePrint 414YESYESNOYES
Example TruePrint 514NOYESNOYES
Example TruePrint 614YESYESYESYES
Example TruePrint 714YESYESYESYES
Example TruePrint 814YESYESYESYES
Example TruePrint 914YESYESYESYES

Note: Printers listed on this web page have been tested and submitted by the vendor. The IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group provides vendors with software that tests printers for general conformance to the IPP Everywhere™ standard, but we cannot guarantee that any printer will function perfectly and/or produce the correct output under all circumstances. There is currently no software to certify the conformance of client printing software to the IPP Everywhere™ standard.